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2017-03-29 08:36 pm

figure garage sale!

Trying to clean out my shelves because they're too overpacked! Okay! All of these are in used condition, with damages noted if there are any. They're dusty, but I'll try to make them not so much in mailing them to you. Most do not come with a box.


Banpresto Gintoki, large scuffs on the front of his kimono, $10
Adult Mikuru, fine condition, no box. $15
Yoko Littner from the STARS PV, minor scuff on ankle, no box, $20.
Vash the Stampede Story Image figure, undamaged, but doesn't like to stay together at times. $10
Mikuru gachapon, $5
Zack Fair gachapon, $5
Ami and Luna plush, $7
Luke fon Fabre statue, has box, one minor scuff on the back of his sword. Everything intact but the box has seen wear. $60
Roy Mustang figure, $15
Sheryl Nome gachapon, $5

I really need the space! If you see anything that interests you, let me know!
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2012-10-27 12:53 am

jingle my bells


I draw cards for people ****EVERY YEAR**** and I have for five years running. Cards are on cardstock and usually inked and shaded gray, some I'll color if I have the time and energy!

Comments are screened, of course!

DO YOU HAVE A REQUEST: Speak now or I'll draw whatever I want. >:V

If you are linked to this post, you are more than eligible for a card! No noooo owl you dont have to nonsense!


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2011-12-30 06:41 am

(no subject)

I want some drabble prompts.

Throw me a ship or friendship or any relation-ship and a prompt of your choosing and I'll give it a go. Specify rating-- I'll default to PG-13 but I'll up it if you want that.

peace out
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2011-12-23 03:45 am

(no subject)

that's what she was there for that was the plan

to give you a boner

and you've got one
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2011-10-03 10:47 pm

(no subject)

3 dollar sketches.

yeah ok i need money i guess

they will look like this or this except I'll take the time to clean them up and make them look nice and there's no cap on how many you want to buy

cap is three characters per sketch (you know i do couples all the time bleh) and my regular pricing is here and my gallery that has my actually decent stuff is here

pick any style couple whatever i will draw it, RP crossover crack you know i am good for anything
peace!! and thank you if you do help me out