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Here's a page from a flashback to when Tony Stark met Mary Jane Watson. I am not quite sure when it takes place, but it happens when Mary Jane was a model and when Tony was hitting the sauce. So it is before IRON MAN #128?

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This isn't Fables. But my bet is it's for the same people who like Fables. -- Bill Willingham

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Oct. 21st, 2017 01:55 pm
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[ Beatrice has summoned as many people as she could back to the island. Magic is neat. ]

Is it just me--

[ She flattens her hands out and waves them downward, like she's giving a confused speech. ]

Is it just me, or did we spend the late 2000's getting pornography raining down on us and eating pizza off trees-- when, there is no doubt that there are flies on this island and we just chose to eat it. There were a bunch of hot springs that practically everyone was warned about and yet no one roped off the area and put up a bunch of signs like 'might change you into a woman' 'might make you into an edible marshmallow person'. Wasn't there signs of indigenous life here that no one figured out? In the cluff caves? We just didn't care?

Why did we have two massive ships? The Titanic and the... [ she looks at the smudged writing on her hand ] Albatross? Why did none of us go to the other islands? A lot of us had the superpowers to. Maybe there was a release switch there and none of us got to it. Or maybe we just didn't care? Maybe some strange effect of the island was putting 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' in our subconscious. We argued over the color of the ocean, which is BLUE.

Why did the island put us in so many romantically charged situations? What was the payoff? Was it acting out its Hugh Jackman-less fantasies on us? I saw a bearded man kiss a child. I remember a timeline when everyone had children. Thank god I was spared.

It has been nearly ten years and a lot has happened since then-- like I upgraded to the King of Heroes instead of... [coughs]. I've been in and out of similar places, like a rotating door. I became a demon once, and that actually wasn't that bad.

Where have you all been? Where did you go since then?

He saw a personal ad asking for him.

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:39 am
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He felt ill.

He went home.

He felt worse.

He attacked his wife.

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Empire #0

Oct. 20th, 2017 11:24 pm
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"I reserve the right to change my mind [laughs], but Barry and I have talked about it many times and one thing we like in the world we’ve built is that there is no Justice League waiting in the wings, no Fantastic Four, no Avengers to set the world right. It is not a story of what happens when the villain wins until the heroes wake up, it’s about there not being any more superheroes."

- Mark Waid

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A repost of one of my Hallowe'en 2014 selections! H.P. Lovecraft's classic 1924 tale of horrific family secrets gets the Richard Corben (writing as, appropriately, "Gore") treatment in the underground comic Skull #5 (Last Gasp, 1972). NSFW warning for gore.

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Saga, Chapter Forty-Six

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:03 am
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When Pia Guerra and I started Y: The Last Man that was our impulse: Let’s make a comic book for people who don’t yet know that they love comics. I think for a lot of people it’s kind of an intimidating art form to get into. Even if you’ve been reading comics your whole life, you take it for granted sometimes. It’s hard to just open up this page of panels—you don’t know how to read it. With Y: The Last Man we were like, let’s think about it so that if you’ve only ever read Calvin and Hobbes in your daily paper growing up, you will be able to read this comic. And I think with Saga we tried to hone that even more. -- Brian K. Vaughan

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When I was a kid, Superman quite literally saved my life.

I have always been a devotee. Captivated by superhero comics when I was no more than four years old, they became the foundation of my existence. They always buoyed me in times of trouble, but even they couldn't elevate me when I was hitting high school. I was from a broken home, I was incessantly bullied in school, I wasn't handling any of it well, and the darkness of my depression had me -- and I am not exaggerating, forgive me -- suicidally depressed that no one really gave a damn about me and no one ever would.

And in that mood, on a January afternoon in 1979, I went to see Superman: The Movie, and it changed everything. I sat through it twice, full of joy I have rarely experienced since. I knew Superman was a fictional character. I knew Christopher Reeve was an actor. But together, alchemically, magically, they communicated something profound to me: Superman cared. He cared about everyone.

Even me.

-- Mark Waid

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